We wanted to exploit niches in the anti-friction bearing market more effectively through greater speed and flexibility. This is why KIS Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Dortmund in 1990. What started as a company with only two employees is now one of the largest and most efficient suppliers of antifriction bearings in Europe.

Our high-bay warehouse with its comprehensive stock of precision anti-friction bearings and accessories and the central location of our company at the heart of Europe mean that we can guarantee the shortest possible delivery times for your bearings. As standard bearings cannot meet all the requirements posed by day-to-day production activities, we also offer special solutions produced in accordance with your design drawings. Whether you need standard or special bearings, KIS always means genuine high-tech quality. Our regular workforce of 40 people means that we can offer flexible, customer-oriented service in addition to reasonable prices, products meeting the most stringent requirements and the shortest possible delivery times.

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